Terrain Vague

by Acidandali

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From the darkest pit of a storm cloud.



released April 21, 2014

Recorded @ Sony Studios, México, D.F. Nov. 2013
Sound Eng: Hector Castillo
Mixing/Master: Acidandali




Acidandali Ciudad De México, Mexico

Born in early 2012

3 elements, Acidandali: Luisa, Cris & Yiru.

Experimentation, improvisation, audiovisual bizarre and random experiences.

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Track Name: Null Landscape
Tu no sabes volar
Esperas que te jale sin poder aterrizar
Tu no sabes volar, no puedes
¿Quien te va a levantar?
Cada vez que escapas te despiertas sin hablar
Y ya no escuchas ni respiras
Es una inmersión sin gravedad
Track Name: Give them a bridge
Everybody wants the same you know
make some shit
and then get noticed
But that's really the problem
Everybody notice You
Everybody wants something
So if you don't want shit from no one
then everything you get is great
Track Name: Lucky until the jellyfish breaks
We are experimenting the sweet, sweet joy of time travel
With time travel we can rise above the ground
We can leave behind all the things
And you'll think she'll be forever
But we all know no one is forever
In the simplest state of a simple mind
It’s currently stuck in all this things called “reality”
“reality” has consequences
You’ll never become something more real of what you really think you are
What about reality? What about your other realities?
We couldn’t never understand what the hell is going on with the world
We couldn’t never realize what is going on with our lives
Try to be creative
Try to be polite
Try to explore something else
And something real will happen

Move away from your body
Move inside your mind
Live inside your mind
Live forever

jumping around like little moon jellyfishes, sad as fuck but with the only will to keep jumping and jumping, they never have been told they belong to the ocean, maybe they just have fallen from the darkest pit of a storm cloud, from the whitest room of the sine wave castle. we’ll never gonna know, we’ll just keep lucky, we may live forever.

Stop feeling
Keep on tripping above the green railroad of nothingness
We will never fall
We will prevail
We always prevail
The eternity of our luck it’s just a second on the lifetime of the moon jellyfish

Live forever
We will live forever.

Move out from your body
Move into your mind

The eternity of our luck it’s just a second on the lifetime of the moon jellyfish

Live forever
We will live forever.
Track Name: Walking through neurone fields
Lucid Dreaming is the scientifically proven ability to become consciously aware while you're dreaming to wake up and take active control of your dreams.

Many people can easily remember their dreams. This provides memories of rich inner worlds that tell us much about the unconscious mind.

But lucid dreams take one giant leap further - to a fantasy realm where everything you see, feel, taste, hear and smell can be as authentic as reality.

When you can control your dreams, you can explore your private dreamscape as if it were a virtual reality world. Sounds cool? You have no idea...
Track Name: Terrain vague
Terrain Vague

Watch it
We’re growing today
Watch as they fall

Recognize inside of us
Inside the waves of pleasure down in Nysa

We glide

The lizards will try to suck all our souls
Cuz’ they’re empty as fuck

Don’t be scared my dear

You move so slow like a giant cloud
I can barely breath don’t look back
It’s over

Floating high too much vitamin
facing planes means no shit to me
you’re wasted

Spread again

We’ll make it fit

Love, no love, love alone

Pick me again for your twisted game
I just love how you set me up to please you

Open up your pineal gland
Serve it on a vase, put some ice in it and drink it

You’re now myself and my soul is vague
I put you down with my shitty love
I own you

Lazy trains
And melted brains
Their will is ours to play

Try to chew some solitude
And try to be inside of me
I’m wasted

And now chances are great
And we’re falling from yesterdays
Future days we remember
A new terrain


We will forget